Key RT: Key Renew Tool

Key RT Key Renewing Features

Key RT is a key renewing product. Support a variety of car key chip renewing that can be repeated to renew; support Windows7 and above operating systems; use USB2.0/3.0 communication.

1. Equipment Description: 

PC software, renewing box, chip wiring board and W001 wiring. The Key RT box is connected to the computer via USB; if the original key is renewed, the Key RT box and the original key are connected via W001 wiring; if there is no original key, the chip small board can be used to solder the chip and connect to the Key RT box to renew. The specific connection method is shown in Figure (1): 


Figure (1)

2. Chip Select

1) The key renewing window controls include: supporting model catalog, key appearance and wiring mode picture window.

2) The supported chip types are PCF7341, PCF7345, PCF7941, PCF7945, PCF7952, PCF7953, and PCF7961.

3) Click on the model catalog to see the specific chip type, key appearance and wiring mode; supporting welding and fixture connection method.

3. Key Renewing

1) Select chip type as shown in figure (2): (Take Alfa Romeo PCF794)


Figure (2)

As shown in Figure (2), after selecting the vehicle model and chip type, the right side will display the appearance of the key to be renewed, and select the connection method to view the specific connection method. The welding method is shown in Figure (3), and the fixture method is shown in Figure (4):


Figure (3)


Figure (4)

2)  Execute renewing: Click the Reset button to execute the renewing, and the renewing is successful as shown in Figure (5);


Figure (5)






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